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Health and Happiness

Are You Having a Bad Day?

Posted by Hank Cleare in Health and Happiness

What, exactly, constitutes having a bad day?   In my experience, many of the problems or challenges we face in our everyday lives lack the proper perspective, so we end up feeling (more) frustrated with traffic, stressed about work, upset by bad service at a…

The Importance of Alone Time

Posted by Kimberly DeProspero in Health and Happiness

As a single mother of 2 boys for many years, time alone was a luxury I rarely afforded. I grabbed moments to myself like most of us do as women—sporadically and without ever really recharging.  I was on to the next project, the next meal,…

Tips For Smart, Safe Summer Travel

Posted by Financial Strategies Group in Health and Happiness

The Financial Strategies Group team has collectively had some great opportunities to travel both in the US and abroad. Over the years, we’ve learned how to be travel-savvy, protect ourselves from identity theft, and really enjoy our trips. Here are our top tips for smart,…