Tips For Smart, Safe Summer Travel

Tips For Smart, Safe Summer Travel

Posted by Financial Strategies Group in Health and Happiness 15 Jun 2016

The Financial Strategies Group team has collectively had some great opportunities to travel both in the US and abroad. Over the years, we’ve learned how to be travel-savvy, protect ourselves from identity theft, and really enjoy our trips. Here are our top tips for smart, safe summer travel:


Make copies of personal documents like passports and credit cards and keep them in the hotel safe.
In the event that something is stolen, this will help you keep going rather than spending valuable vacation time trying to get a new passport.


Always keep your personal documents and money on you.
Carrying them in a back pocket, wallet or purse is risky; a small money pouch is the best option.


Avoid using internet cafes.
Web browsing that doesn’t require passwords is OK, but otherwise they are totally unsecured.


Wake up early.
The earlier you wake up, the more you can do in your day. It will also be cooler in the morning, so plan walking and sightseeing excursions before the heat of the midday sun.


Stay up late.
This is especially true in Europe, where cultures naturally have later schedules than the US. By staying out past sunset, you get a new and authentic experience. Be safe, and enjoy!


Find out who went where, and why they loved it!


Best Trip Ever: White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Why You Loved It: For the sheer determination involved in doing the trip, bonding with friends, being unplugged

Planning Time Involved: Expect to plan a year in advance; details, packing and preparation are intense

You’ll Love This Trip If: You love camping, adventure, and challenge

Expect To: Be pushed to your personal limits physically and mentally

Grand Canyon Rapids_Hank Cleare-1

Hank Cleare and Kim DeProspero in the Grand Canyon.



Best Trip Ever: Backpacking Europe for 2 Months

Why You Loved It: For the sense of independence and freedom, the challenge of traveling alone

Planning Time Involved: I planned about 3 months in advance, but you could do it faster

You’ll Love This Trip If: You love meeting new people and don’t mind sleeping on couches

Expect To: Be surprised by the warmth and friendliness of European cultures



Nick Rios at the Eiffel Tower.



Best Trip Ever: Las Vegas

Why You Loved It: For the sights and sounds; sensory overload in the most amazing way

Planning Time Involved: Fast and furious

You’ll Love This Trip If: You love bright lights, shows, casino life, and fun with friends

Expect To: Come home tired

Devon Johnson’s personal snapshot of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.