FSG at the IFG 2019 Retreat

FSG at the IFG 2019 Retreat

Posted by Financial Strategies Group in Blog Posts, Strategic Partners, Young Professionals 01 Feb 2019

Every year our consortium group of independent financial advisors, Integrated Financial Group meets in Atlanta for a retreat to network with peer advisors and bounce ideas off of one another, and more specifically share ideas for improvement between firms. This year was more special because both of our soon-to- be associate advisors were able to take the lead and attend on behalf of team FSG. The annual retreat for 2019 “focused on empowering meaningful conversations through life-centered planning with the theme ‘Their Life, Our Passion’. The Retreat’s goal is to provide a top-tier, peer-driven, immersive learning experience for every attendee. Meet the Expert breakouts were set up with experienced advisors to facilitate round table discussions on topics of interest ranging from practice management to maintaining a successful work-life balance”. It’s been particularly helpful for our firm to hear both Nick, Financial Planning Coordinator and Chris, Business Development Coordinator takeaways from the experience, as they lead our firm’s Young Professional’s Program and are responsible for inducting more fitting “millennial” practices at FSG. Chris, was a first time attendee this year and and found the retreat to be extremely helpful in a number of ways. Having the chance to pick the brains of experienced advisors from all different parts of the country was incredibly beneficial. It provided the chance for them to share ideas as to what works and what doesn’t at their respective firms. “The breakout sessions provided us actionable steps to improve our skills in this field. We also had the opportunity to hear from industry leaders in the asset management space, learn about new financial products and how they can help our advisors to strategize better practices with all of FSG’s clients”.

Chris’s favorite speaker from the event was by far the Chief Economist at First Trust, Brian Wesbury. He provided a very detailed and data-oriented presentation on the position of the US economy. His theme was to avoid the rhetoric information that we typically hear on financial news outlets. In Brian’s professional opinion, we should focus on the positive data around the economy that supports projections of a slow, but upward growth trend in our economy in 2019 & 2020. “I found it refreshing to hear positive light shed on our current economic situation”.

Nick’s takeaways were a bit different as a fifth-year attendee to the retreat. “Every year I attend IFG’s retreat, I leave energized with dozens of new ideas on how our advisors can better service our clients. I can always count on IFG to be able to obtain brilliant speakers who are well known throughout the financial industry’. He thinks that the difficult part comes after the workshops and speakers, when we are back in the office and trying to incorporate what we learned into FSG’s own daily operations. Having to decide as a team what to implement into our firm. With so many takeaways we try to focus on one or two that would benefit our clients the most. Starting out in the industry, the benefit of being surrounded by dozens of seasoned financial planners is invaluable. Besides focusing on the event agenda itself, the most beneficial part is the discussion among experienced advisors. Although every advisor represents different firms, the retreat creates a comradery among the attendees. The ability to ask questions and receive thoughtful feedback is something every associate staring out covets. Here at FSG, we enjoy the ability to keep you all updated on internal events. We pride ourselves on offering a 360-degree view on how we keep ourselves accountable and up to speed on the ever-changing financial landscape. We strive to always be able to provide you with the most strategic and sophisticated financial planning services.



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