Client Highlight: Diana’s Second Act

Client Highlight: Diana’s Second Act

Posted by Financial Strategies Group in Blog Posts, Uncategorized 07 Nov 2019

We love hearing what our clients are up to, especially when it involves starting a completely new life adventure. The best part of our job is hearing about when the long-term life and financial goals we help our clients set out to achieve, actually come true.

One of our long-term clients, Diana Miller is a great example of someone who found their true passion during their “second act”. We couldn’t wait to share her story with you, because it really is inspiring seeing what she has accomplished after retiring from her position as principal of an elementary school here in Florida.

5 years ago, Diana’s brother gifted her a camera for Christmas. At the time, she really didn’t have much knowledge of photography or even how to work a camera properly. So she decided to take evening classes at a local high school. These classes are what initially sparked her passion for the art. Allowing what she could potentially get out of photography to sink in, and to really learn what goes on behind the lenses of a camera.

After learning the basics of photography, she recognized that what started out as a hobby had actually opened up a whole other world for her. She felt compelled to do more. This is what she had worked so hard for during her career. Isn’t that what we all are really working towards? Diana, like most of us had always defined things like reading or riding a bike as her hobbies. But never really gave herself the chance to actually step outside of her comfort zone and figure out what she truly enjoyed. It’s during these times that we allow ourselves to slow down for a second, and really figure out what we actually enjoy in life. That we truly find what makes us, who we are.

After doing some research, Diana found a group of like-minded photographers who had planned to do a photography tour around the US on a travel bus. All of these people, like Diana had one driving force bringing them together, a passion for photography. After her first trip, she was hooked. Not only on her new found love of traveling with photography, but for the new bond she had found with this diverse group of people. She now considers some of them her closest friends and considers herself lucky to have met people that share this common passion and common goal. It is what truly bonds them together.

Since that first trip, she has been on photography trips with her fellow photographers to Ecuador, Brazil, Patagonia, China, Iceland, Tanzania and Alaska.

 Polar Bears in the wild

Through the lenses of her camera she’s learned so much about the world around her. Diana has spent weeks photographing landscapes and wildlife all over the world. From whale sharks and grizzly bears to driving around volcanoes, her passion has continued to blossom .

Jaguars in the Pantanal

In the past few years she’s had the once in a lifetime opportunity to live a whole new life and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. This “hobby” has inspired her to look at the world differently, led her to places she only dreamt of and kept her in tip-top shape, as most of these exhibitions require her to carry 30 pounds of camera equipment.

As if we hadn’t already felt incredibly inspired by Diana’s ability to leave her comfort zone and confidently go into this new adventure. When we asked her, what continues to drive her on what we can only imagine are some tedious travel days, She replied, “I want to experience all of it and I’d like to protect the images of our world for future generations to see. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, and to women out there who feel like they haven’t found their passion, you will. Life doesn’t stop after retirement.”

And if you’re wondering what Diana’s next adventure is, it turns out it’s a little bit closer to home. She plans on printing out all of the photos she’s had the opportunity to capture and create a photo gallery that her family can treasure. As a way to give back to them for gifting her that first camera, and what initially sparked her second act.

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